Doug Vosik

Doug started CrossFit in August of 2014 right here at Ex Novo. Read more to find out what attracted him to give CrossFit Ex Novo a shot, what types of workouts he enjoys most, and the biggest changes he's noticed so far!

What attracted you to try CrossFit?

Pure timing is probably what landed me at CrossFit. Within a few weeks of one another, I had just watched the 2014 CrossFit Games on TV, turned 36 years old, needed a fresh start on my workout regimen and CrossFit Ex Novo just opened near my house.

Can you describe your first CrossFit experience/workout?

Exhausting, surprising and painful. Although I thought I was in good shape from years of weight training and soccer, the format and movements on day one (and for months to come) often landed me on the floor in recovery after each workout.

What's your favorite WOD or movement? 

Filthy 50 is probably my favorite workout. Pretty much any workout that takes over 30 minutes and involves almost every muscle group is always a favorite of mine.

What do you like most about CrossFit and CrossFit Ex Novo?

I enjoy CrossFit because it pushes me to perform better every day. Gone are the days of going to a gym and pushing weights around. At CrossFit, I feel that I am constantly improving, getting stronger and learning more about fitness. I appreciate CrossFit Ex Novo due to the mentorship and training of Coach Kurt and the environment that he has built at the box.

What have been the biggest changes you've noticed from doing CrossFit?

The biggest changes I have experienced are gains in strength and cardio-endurance. I have been shocked that by breaking from routine of working the same bodygroups 1-2 times a week at a traditional gym, that I am actually getting stronger in all of my lifting even though we may only perform a specificfunctional movement (i.e. bench press) 1-2 times a month. On the cardio side, I have constantly struggled to run any distance greater than a mile. This past fall, I finally completed a 5k without stopping for a break, slowing down to walk, etc.

What motivates you to workout?

It's pretty simple. The rush of working your body to exhaustion and the vain desire to look good. :)

What is your favorite cheat meal?

Pizza, pizza and more pizza. You're not cheating unless you eat the whole pie at once.

Any last words about CrossFit or CrossFit Ex Novo?

Kurt is an awesome Coach/Owner. Just show up and work hard (and maybe request Kurt to play more heavy metal).


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