Rachael Lewis

 Rachael started CrossFit 8 months ago.  In her time at CrossFit Ex Novo, she has achieved PRs 21 times and learned how to rope climb!!  Read more to find out about what brought her to the box in the first place and what keeps her coming back for more.  

What attracted you to try CrossFit?
I saw the 2014 Crossfit Games and was in awe!  

Can you describe your first CrossFit experience/workout?
Run a mile with a 15lb plate and EMOTM stop and do 6 squats with the 15lb plate.


What's your favorite WOD or movement?
Olympic Lifting

What do you like most about CrossFit and CrossFit Ex Novo? 
I like the way I feel after a challenging workout (and all are). Crossfit helps to bring out my best + some. I like the people, atmosphere and coaching at Crossfit Ex Novo. It's supportive, competitive and motivating. I learn a lot about how my body moves and should move. 


What have been the biggest changes you've noticed?  
My body has changed so much. I look more athletic. People often ask me do what I do. 


What motivates you to workout? 
I don't want to miss out. I don't want to miss practicing a skill, learning something new or getting better.

What is your favorite cheat meal? 
Funni Bonz BBQ Ribs, baked beans and corn bread.

Any last words about CrossFit or CrossFit Ex Novo?
Each Class is it's own unique experience. I will never get bored and I can't help but get better. It's a great formula!


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