Chris Golden

Chris Golden was looking for “some type of workout that was NOT a typical gym.  I tried and failed going to a regular gym and can’t stand using the machines.”  

He had heard about CrossFit but did not know anything about it. Then he saw an ad in the local paper for CF Ex Novo and he went to meet Kurt. 

After attending his first class and “getting my ass kicked”, he realized that he actually enjoyed the workout.  “I like the variety and structure of the classes and the location is a mile from my house.  I was one of the first 10 to join,” says Chris.

At this point, Chris would like to SURVIVE one workout at a time and to build his general fitness level.  He tries to attend class at least twice a week.  “I changed my diet a little and feel better mentally and physically.  I HATE burpees…”  His favorite movement? Rope climbing!

“The two best things about CFEN are the variety of the workouts and the GREAT coaches.”  Chris would like to encourage more members to take advantage of the Saturday open gym time!

Look for Chris on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the 5PM class.

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