Jenn Nairn

Jennifer Nairn never tried CrossFit before finding CrossFit Ex Novo right next door to where she works as a full-time paralegal.


“CrossFit has changed nearly every aspect of my life for the better,” says Jenn.  “I’ve lost 30 pounds, made some wonderful friends, found a nutrition regimen that I enjoy and, perhaps even more importantly, an outlet for the stress of everyday life.  I always feel better after I leave class.” 

When she first joined CF Ex Novo, Jenn set a goal for herself of running a half marathon, as well as the Broad Street Run, a10-mile road race along Philadelphia’s historic Broad Street.  She knew she had a long way to go before she could accomplish those goals, but thanks to the coaches and fantastic programming at Ex Novo, Jenn was able to complete both of those races this year.  


Jenn is dedicated to attending 3-4 classes per week at either 6 or 7pm, including both Olympic Lifting classes.  “I almost never miss an Oly class,” she proudly states.  “The running joke is that I enjoy many movements that most people do not – good mornings, pistols, Hero WODs to name a few… except burpees.  I’ll never like those,” Jenn confesses.


Jenn believes that the coaches and the programming make Ex Novo what it is.  “Each of the coaches has gone above and beyond to help me achieve my personal goals, which is invaluable.  The programming is purposefully created to work on technique and strength, as opposed to just putting together some movements and calling it a WOD.


When Jenn is not at the box, she is with her adventurous 5 year old daughter, Avery, and their  three spirited daschunds who like to keep them on their toes.  They travel together as often as possible, and have been to Florida, Iceland, Colorado, Utah and the Jersey Shore this year. 


Make sure to say hi to Jenn the next time you’re at the box!

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