Nina, Ed and LiezaStelmakh

Have you heard about the family that CrossFits together?  Here they are: Nina, Ed and LiezaStelmakh!  Ed first heard about CrossFit about 6 years ago when he read about it in a magazine.  He joined CrossFit Ex Novo soon after it opened in 2014 and recruited his wife, Nina and daughter, Lieza to join, too.  On some weekends, you’ll find them all doing a WOD together!


Nina and Ed lead an active lifestyle.  Nina plays tennis and runs, and Ed runs marathons and Ragnar relays, overnight road and trail team races over 200 miles.  CrossFit helps them ramp up their game!  But more than that, they say that CrossFit has changed their lives in terms of their overall fitness. 


“My deadlift, squat and bench press PR’s are 365, 320 and 240 lbs., with a full marathon PR below 4 hours.  To think that I can do this in my 50s is truly amazing and something I would have never imagined possible,” says Ed.  “I am undoubtedly in better shape now that I was in my 20s and 30s and my goal is to be able to say the same thing 10 (and perhaps 20) years from now!”


For Nina, working with weights was something she used to be afraid of.  But now she enjoys it “so full-heartedly as I do – big thanks to CrossFit Ex Novo.”  She also feels that “we are incredibly lucky to have the team of coaches under Kurt’s leadership who are so incredibly thoughtful, professional, dedicated and experienced.”  Nina has never felt “stronger and more fit in my life.”


The Stelmakhs live in Skillman, NJ.  Lieza is a freshman at Northeastern University.  They also have a son, Ethan, a sophomore in high school.  As a family, they love to travel, watch movies and go to the theater and to concerts.

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