Group Training - Up the Endorphins! Up the Pain Threshold!

Published March 9, 2015


There are some obvious benefits of group training that we use in CrossFit.  Working out in a group offers an opportunity to socialize and develop friendships.  It provides a supportive, yet motivating environment where one may be pushed outside his or her comfort zone in an effort to contribute to the group experience.  Put simply, you’ll work harder, perform better and get better results than being on your own...but did you know that new research now suggests that working out in a group can dramatically enhance the level of endorphins, resulting in an increase in your pain threshold!  


In the attached study, a group of athletes completed the same workout twice, first individually and then as a group.  Although the intensity of each workout was the same, the rowers’ pain threshold was consistently twice as high after exercising with their teammates.  Follow the link below to learn more!


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