Bryce Liskovec

Published March 9, 2015

Bryce decided to start getting healthy when his doctor casually described how the fat in his chest was "squeezing his heart" and that's why he wasn't feeling well. After a strict focus on losing weight he knew he needed to find some form of activity to keep busy given his sedentary job. He'd never enjoyed doing circuits at a traditional gym and didn't feel comfortable there. 

Eventually after doing a Marine Corps obstacle course they suggested that since he enjoyed that he should check out CrossFit. They were completely right. CrossFit was exactly what he needed. The group environment kept him motivated and the instructors were always making sure that he always working safely but still intensely all while improving his technique. 

A deep interest in the olympic lifts was developed and that lead to him focusing on learning about movement efficiency and correct positioning. His methodical approach and ability explain techniques to others, credited to his parents who were both teachers, saw him quickly assisting others in their fitness journeys. He quickly attained his CrossFit Level 1, became a USAW Sports Performance Coach, attended the Weightlifting Wise Art of Coaching Weightlifitng seminar multiple times, and a few years later became a USAW Advanced Sport Performance Coach, and attended a week long seminar with Julien Pineau of StrongFit learning and applying their methodology.

Bryce runs the Olympic Lifting program here in addition to coaching CrossFit classes and loves developing the athlete in everyone. "It's not about what you can or can't do it's about constantly improving so you can enjoy the rest of your life fully. Our CrossFit implementation gives you an incredibly efficient framework to improve your strength and conditioning so you're not just healthier but the little things like playing with your children or running to catch the train don't leave you puffing and wheezing.

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