Bojana Trbulin

Published August 2, 2017

Eight years ago, Bojana's world was turned upside down by a knee injury, and she was told that she will never be able to exercise or run again. After this devastating news, Bojana quit her global gym membership and accepted her reality. Four years later, Bojana not only gained 100+ pounds, but she could not walk up and down the stairs due to knee injury. 


She saw a promotion for one of the local CrossFit boxes at Communiversity in Princeton. After coaches explained to her what CrossFit is and how all elements can be scaled to individual needs of an athlete, she decided to try it out. After only two years of CrossFit, Bojana lost about 60 pounds, and has almost completely rehabilitated the range of motion in her knee. After this, Bojana decided to get her CrossFit Level 1 certification, and help others see and experience CrossFit as she did. CrossFit helped her gain her life back. 


As a coach and Registered Nurse, Bojana's main goal is to ensure client safety with complex movements - and her upbeat, welcoming attitude guarantees that everyone who walks through the doors will not just be safe, but will have a great class!

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