Strengthlete Product Sampling

Published April 14, 2015

Strengthlete ( will be in the gym on Monday 4/20/15 from 5-8pm during our night classes. For those of you who don't know who they are, they are new brand that takes a different spin on nutrition.  They will be sampling both their Repair (Post Workout) and Complete (Night Time) Proteins in a variety of ways with Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, and Coffee.  Additionally, they will be sampling their newly made cognitive Pre-Workout. Make sure to come in and try the products and ask owner and creator, Joe Nissim, on how to properly use protein and pre-workout to fuel your training.
About Strengthlete:
Strength is not about how much you can squat, or about having a six pack. Strength is a mindset. Strength is a lifestyle.  Strength is lifting yourself and the people around you to heights never deemed possible. Strengthlete is a lifestyle brand that fuels and equips your personal journey.  We believe in a natural and simple approach to supplementation and training.  Join us at

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