Yoga will begin on Sunday, May 3!

Published April 20, 2015

We are excited to add yoga to our services here at CrossFit Ex Novo, which will begin on Sunday, May 3* at 10:00 and be a weekly event.  Our new instructor, Lizzy,  will be leading us in a vinyasa-practice that will focus on stretching and increasing mobilty, which will compliment your performance in your CrossFit workouts!

There is no additional cost to attend the yoga class.  However, the class will count towards your membership plan.  The class will be included in the Class Schedule on Wodify each week.  You must reserve your spot on Wodify before 10pm the Saturday night prior to the class.  

If there are not 6 athletes signed up at 10pm on Saturday night prior to class, the class will be cancelled.  


*The first yoga class will not be included in our "Bring a Friend" weekend event previously announced.

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