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Published April 22, 2015

Are you interested in taking on the Whole Life Challenge (


The WLC is a chance for members to create a team and take on healthy habits for 56-days together. There are three different levels of commitment-- Performance (most restrictive), Lifestyle (designed to be sustainable for the long term) and Kick Start (least restrictive). Depending on the level, the challenge outlines the type of healthy foods you can eat. The WLC also includes daily exercising and stretching goals (10 mins a day), challenges to stay hydrated, to take a dietary supplement, reflect and complete a weekly lifestyle habit. It outlines how to keep score and measure your progress. This structured opportunity to take on the challenge as a team will offer both support and competition. Plus, at the end the person who has improved the most will win a prize!


Now, here are our own internal rules:

1) Friday, May 1st - we'll hold our kick-off session at 7pm.  This will involve getting weighed, taking body measurements and conducting a baseline workout.  If you can't make the session, please contact me and we'll get you in to have this done.

2) We'll be using the "Lifestyle" Nutrition Level for the Challenge, which is the mid-level choice in terms of how "strict" our meal choices are.

 3) Have fun and stay involved!  Once registered, the website will give you all the directions you need to stay connected with the team with how you and your other teammates are doing.

 4) At the conclusion of challenge, we'll hold a finale session (either the night of June 26th or during the day of June 27th) to retest the baseline workout, weigh ourselves and take measurements.

 5) Once the results from the finale have been collated a third place, second place and challenge winner will be declared.  The winner will receive $100, 2nd place will get $50 and 3rd place will get $25 - that's right, COLD HARD CASH!


Join the CrossFit Ex Novo Team here before May 2:


The Whole Life Spring Challenge begins on May 2 and lasts until June 26! 


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