Intro Session:

Schedule a free 30 minute intro session by either emailing CrossFit Ex Novo at info@crossfitexnovo.comcalling at 609-987-2336, or by filling out the contact form to the right.  During the 30 minutes we'll go over your fitness goals and objectives, provide a brief overview of CrossFit and how CrossFit Ex Novo is organized. The last 10 minutes will be an introductory baseline workout so wear shoes and clothing that are comfortable to train in.

Foundations Program:

After the intro session, you will have the option to sign up for and experience a free trial class or, if you're hesitant about jumping right into a WOD, you can sign up for the Foundations Program. The Foundations Program will be six one-hour sessions that are arranged between you and your Foundations Coach. Your coach will use these sessions to introduce you to the nine foundational movements of CrossFit and begin familiarizing you with various Power lifting & Olympic lifting movements as well as the major ancillary movements of CrossFit. The Foundations Program costs $150.

After the free trial class or Foundations Program, you can decide on what level membership you'd like to sign up for!


You can skip the intro session or the Foundations Program, but will need to spend 10 mins with a coach going over your fitness goals/objectives. After meeting with the coach, you can sign up online to experience a free trial class then decide what level membership you'd like to sign up for.



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