"CrossFit is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to get yourself in the shape of your life. I've lost 20 lbs, completed a sub-4 hour marathon and starting rowing crew. Having visited at least a dozen boxes all over the U.S., I can say without any hesitation that Ex Novo is a real gem. Kurt really takes a very thoughtful and individualized approach to each workout and his attention to detail, including a structured and consistent mobility-focused warm up is a real differentiator for me. His classes are small in size and accommodating to athletes of all levels. I would highly recommend Ex Novo to anyone who is seeking a high quality, professionally run CrossFit box." ~ Ed Stelmakh


"I was a complete CrossFit newbie and a little wary of it, especially the weight lifting. Additionally, I have a very complicated medical history as a cancer survivor. When I started attending classes four months ago, my mobility and strength problems made it practically impossible to do a basic air squat. Kurt knew how to provide personalized instruction and patiently encouraged me at every class to work on the form and technique, knowing that eventually my strength would increase. And now I can do a full-depth air squat! With Kurt's constantly varied workouts and the small community at Crossfit Ex Novo that is there to cheer you on every week, it’s never an issue getting myself to the gym — because I can’t wait to come back and see what I’m capable of next time. You’ll never work so hard and gain so much in such a short period of time!"  - Ashley S.


"I took off 10 lbs so far in spite of having a ridiculously busy schedule. The workouts are impactful, the coaching is attentive and the community is friendly and supportive."  -Andrew Hersh


"I am an older (61) deconditioned “athlete” and asked Kurt to take on the challenge of helping to get me back in shape as part of an overall fitness program. I have found him to be a terrific blend of teacher, coach and motivator. He quickly helped me get in the flow of the classes while constantly customizing the workouts to be appropriate to my level but both challenging and achievable. The atmosphere of the other athletes is very supportive, even if you are a beginner. Kurt’s program eliminates the excuses for not getting "off the couch".  ~ Jim M., Biotechnology Executive



"In all my years of working out and training I have never joined a gym. I like to train alone. I've done 4 Ironmans, 6 half Ironman and over a dozen marathons so joining a crossfit gym was a huge stretch, but working with Kurt Shuman, owner of CrossFit Ex Novo was an incredible surprise. Kurt immediately takes an interest in YOU. He's incredibly friendly, out going and non-judgmental. There is no doubt this is his passion. There are people from every class of fitness, even ex-athletes like myself who have significantly fallen off the wagon. He is a master instructor - detailed, methodical, and sequential of how he teaches the skills needed for the day, always pointing out proper technique and safety instructions.  Not to be out done by his consistent cheering on throughout the days workout, shouting individual encouragement to everyone trying their best. I'm not sure how other gyms work, but I can't imagine any being more informative, fun and encouraging!” - Jim M.


“I’ve been doing Crossfit for about 3 years at various boxes across the U.S. CrossFit Ex Novo is among the finest facilities I’ve experienced with excellent, scalable programming and quality, personalized instruction. Since starting at CrossFit Ex Novo, I’ve hit personal records in benchmark WODs as well as several major lifts." ~ Dave P.


"It's been really fun working out at CrossFit Ex Novo. My first WOD at Ex Novo was eye opening. Rope climbs, thrusters, rowing and kettle bell swings. I realized in round one that I had never worked so hard while enjoying myself so much. Kurt and CrossFit Ex Novo make working out something to look forward to rather than dread, and make it impossible to just go through the motions." ~ David Ullman



"What Crossfit Means To Me  

I started Crossfit by joining a “New You” challenge a little over a year ago and it quickly became my safe place. 

We were all women who had our own unique stories as to what bought us to Crossfit Ex Novo. I was newly separated and going through a divorce. I was also a new business owner and slightly overwhelmed as a single mother. 

I have a compromised schedule and a compromised wrist (I have tendonitis) so it isn’t always easy attending and it isn’t always easy completing. Even though I have yet to reach my goal, it’s the atmosphere and people that make it easy.  It’s Kurt smiling, welcoming me by name when I walk in. It’s the time the coaches take to show us proper form, in order to eliminate injury and to remind us how great of a job we’re doing.  It’s the high five everyone systematically gives each other when we complete another vigorous challenge. It’s the women with the perfect body telling you, “You can do it,” just when you thought you had no more energy left. It’s that extra push given by the guy with the butterfly tattoo, when you’re ready to tap out. It’s hearing “Great job Najwa,” at the end of each class that reminds me that not only do I belong but I’m always welcome, in any shape or condition I come in. It’s the place where the impossible becomes possible. 

Crossfit is my sanctuary." ~ Najwa C.