The dictionary definition is "Constantly varied, functional movements done at high intensity" but what does that mean? CrossFit is best understood when you break down each part:

  • Constantly-varied refers to the limitless workout combinations that are created for each daily WOD by varying the exercises, workout structure, and time & weight schemes.
  • Functional movements are our core exercises. They are natural, multi-joint movements that are the most effective and efficient way to move our bodies or other objects. They mimic movements people perform daily such as standing or sitting, picking something off the floor, running down the street, walking up/down stairs, etc. Examples include squat, deadlift, shoulder press. 
  • High Intensity simply means that an athlete is working as hard as possible relative to their level of fitness during the workout.

CrossFit Ex Novo runs 1 hour classes with up to 16 member/athletes instructed by a coach. Each class contains a warm-up; review and/or instruction on the functional movements to be incorporated in that class; the Workout(s) Of the Day (WODs); and if time allows a cool-down period. The WODs are constantly changing on a daily basis (that's the "Constantly Varied" component) and it's not uncommon for athletes to go months at a time without doing the same workout twice. This is especially valuable to those athletes who get bored of doing the same routine over and over again at the typical "globo-gym."  

The last element, high intensity...well, that's up to you! We expect each member/athlete to perform the WOD at an intensity level that is high relative to their fitness level. CrossFit is not about maintaining the status quo. It's about moving beyond perceived limitations to reach your physical fitness goals. WODs are generally of short duration (10-20 minutes) and athletes are expected to maintain a high intensity level throughout. Though WODs may be longer or shorter, if you give your all you'll feel like you got an amazing workout every time!

Results will vary by individual but what can be said is that if you give 100% every time the results will be transformational and will likely exceed your expectations.